Buddhi yoga

Khol Khel brings forward the practice of uniting the mind with higher consciousness, with the BUDDHI YOGA GAME. Buddhi Yoga takes to the spiritualistic philosophy and steers away from “the survival of the fittest” story. If practiced regularly it reveals the “karma yoga” path towards salvation. Salvation or moksha is symbolized as “Vaikuṇṭha” in this game.

To understand the game of buddhi yoga, one has to play it more than occasionally; it has to be cherished as a way of being. The player, landing in a cell, would view herself through the prism of that cell and reflect on her being with this perspective. This way she would, through repeated attempts, understand herself, her society and the universe more completely. She would find her place, with everything else in the universe and understand her importance and her dharma (Sudharma). 

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Buddhi yoga

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Buddhi Yoga

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