DIY Indian Traditional Painting Kits: Chittar Painting of Karnataka
A small tribal community called Deewaru, from Karnataka practices a beautiful art called Chittara,which is a mix of music,painting and lifestyle. Motifs used in the Chittara Painting are geometric and mainly lines. The colors used for painting are traditionally made from natural materials.The kit contains 4 coloring cards, 2 book-marks, 2 gift tags, 2 bamboo fibre brushes,2 bottles of colored sand, a tube of child safe non toxic glue and an information sheet. Ideal age group- 5 years and above.

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DIY Indian Traditional Painting Kits: Chittar Painting of Karnataka

  • Product Code: DCDIY011
  • Length: 6.00in
  • Width: 3.00in
  • Height: 2.00in
  • Weight: 0.30kg
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ₹320

Tags: Karnataka, Chittara, DIY, Painting, Traditional


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