Floor Mats

Floor Mats
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circle design silk multicolor carpet

Pile height 15,20 to 40 days required to make this carpet,different colors combinations according to..


Crewel work Dhury

 Crewel embroidery is indeed a fascinating needle art. It is a form of embroidery in ... Master..


Durries -Rabits 3x5

The dhurriies are called bridal dhurries made by young women as a part of their dowry.they also cont..


flowers design woold and silk carpet

This rectangular carpet is made up of pure wool and silk , and has remarkable floral prints on it , ..


peacock couple pure silk multicolor carpet

This carpet is made out of pure silk by veteran craftsmen. Artwork of a peacock with a peahen can be..


Peacock couple wool and silk multicolor carpet

Beautiful artwork is practiced on this rectangular carpet, with two peacocks and exotic flower patte..


peacock couple wool and silk multicolor round carpet

This carpet is rectangular in shape with enlarged circles made on it. The base color of carpet is pi..