Shawls and Stoles

Shawls and Stoles
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Andraab Handwoven pashmina black and white check

Handwoven Black and white pashmina stole with big check..


Andraab Handwoven pashmina muffler

Handwoven Orange pashmina stole with small check..


Andraab Kund Daar stole

handwoven Gray pashmina with red woven selvedge..


Bamboo stole

Handmade Eri blended with Bamboo yarn stole in white and blue/red zig zag print ..


Gratitude Crafts red and Black Stoles

The 'Syahi Begar' black and red designs on gossamer white cloth adorned the Safa turbans or Angochha..


Shawl 2-3 Days