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Bead Chic Necklace

The earthly smell of Madhya Pradesh defines the bold pattern and bolder color of this beautiful, han..


Bird Earings set of 5

This beautifully crafted, brightly hued bird earring by Nandu Kaka represents an era gone by. Nandu ..


Cane Basket , a handmade dream keeper box with neck piece and ear rings,and a stole

This pack contains a cane basket, a dream keeper box, a neckpiece with a pair of ear rings and a sto..


Gota earing set of 3(3 pair)

These pair of Ear Rings are perfect accessories to match up with any understated outfit. Blend of co..


Gota earing set of 4(4 pair)

These pair of Gota earings will add a frolic yet traditional look to your outfit. Golden gota is fol..